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Our Policy

Our products include an extensive range of whipped cream making equipment, including cream chargers that contain potentially lethal Nitrous Oxide (N2O) gas. With the introduction of the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, we are legally required to carry out due diligence checks to ensure these products don’t fall into the hands of those who may intend to abuse or misuse them. All Nitrous Oxide products for sale on this website are for use in the preparation of food and beverages only. We retain the right to refuse to sell to anyone we suspect may have the intention of misusing our products.

Accepting Our Policy

We have a number of measures in place to prevent misuse of our N2O products:

    • You must be over the age of 18 to purchase any of our Nitrous Oxide products. All customers will be required to provide a legitimate form of ID proving this on their first order. For further orders, you will not be asked prove your age again providing the order is placed on the same CreamHub account and being delivered to the same named recipient.
    • All customers will be required to provide a statement of intended usage for each and every order containing cream chargers and this will be manually checked prior to the release of any order.
    • Home and residential users are permitted up to 240 chargers every 14 day period. Your ordering limit will reset exactly 14 days after placing your first order.
    • Customers ordering over 240 chargers in any 14 day period must be a business user with the order being delivered to a business address or be able to provide evidence of their business.
    • We do NOT accept cash in hand or cash deposits into our bank account.
    • We do NOT ship orders to University halls of residence, any sort of student accommodation, colleges, schools or hospitals.
    • Prior to placing an order, all customers must read and agree to our Declaration of Use to confirm that they: understand the risks associated with N2O misuse and guarantee that our products will only be used for food/beverage preparation and not be misused in any way.
    • If we believe you are purchasing cream chargers for the purpose of misuse, we will refuse the sale, in which case we will store your details in our secure customer database, and you will not be able to purchase from us again in the future.

Please note: If your order has to be cancelled prior to dispatch because you can’t or won’t meet any of the above conditions, your order will be refunded minus a £6.50 admin fee to cover the time and costs involved with manually checking and refunding your order.

Alternatively, if we are forced to cancel your order after dispatch because you haven’t met any of the above conditions, you will incur a £6.50 admin fee plus a £13.00 restocking fee.

If you are concerned that someone you know maybe at risk of Nitrous Oxide abuse or misuse, please contact us immediately so we can take steps to block any future purchases.

Wholesale/Trade Customers

When selling Nitrous Oxide products to businesses in wholesale quantities (1200 chargers or more), we carry out extensive due diligence checks and as a rule, only work with other VAT registered businesses.

  • You must be a VAT registered business in a relevant sector (e.g. cafe, restaurant, catering supplier, online retailer).
  • You will be required to complete our Account Application & Declaration of Conformity forms.
  • You will be required to supply us with a scanned form of identification.
  • Payment must have cleared into our account before dispatch. We do not offer a credit facility for Cream Charger products.
  • We do NOT accept collections, cash in hand or cash deposits into our bank account.

Use of Data

At the request of the police, we may divulge information about an order if there are concerns that the product is being misused or resold under illegal circumstances. The protection of customer information is of high importance to us, and we never provide general sales information to the police or Third Parties, such as lists of customer data. We will only divulge information for specified requests from authoritative sources as is required of us by law.

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